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The Oppo Find X is a smartphone you probably shouldn't buy yet – but not for the reasons you think. Yes, it's a more fragile phone than the competition, with a motorized camera module that seems fated to fail someday. To quote the great Montgomery Scott, "The more they overtake the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain."

But to me, carrying a phone as beautiful and unique as the Oppo Find X is worth the durability tradeoff. After all, not every device is meant to hold up to the rigors of carelessness, and you've got to expect some compromises in a device made to stand out in 2018. However well-founded they may be, those durability concerns obscure what I think is the more pressing problem with the Oppo Find X: ColorOS. Oppo's custom Android interface insists upon itself so aggressively that it actively prevents the user from installing a custom launcher. To be clear, I didn't expect a cakewalk when trying to adapt an overseas smartphone for North American use – but this is the first Android phone in memory that actively prevents the user from enjoying one of the key benefits of Android: the ability to customize the interface to suit their needs. Oppo tells me a software update is due to fix some of the bugs complained of in the above video ... but until this launcher lockdown policy is lifted, I won't be dropping this phone in my pocket. Join me for additional impressions after five days with the Oppo Find X!



MrMobile's Oppo Find X Preview was produced following five days with an Oppo Find X review device (model PAFM00) purchased by Mobile Nations. The device was tested on Project Fi (T-Mobile US) in Greater Boston, MA, USA.


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