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The LG G6 is more than just the leading contender to take on Samsung's Galaxy S8. The G6 represents a large step forward for LG, having discarded last year’s compromises and gimmicks for a return to the fundamentals; a renewed focus on quality; and a camera I’m dearly going to miss when I move on. At the same time, it's also a step back: to a world without removable batteries, a world without bleeding-edge processors. Is the LG G6 for you? Find out in MrMobile’s LG G6 Review!


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MrMobile's LG G6 Review was published following 18 days with an LG G6 review device on loan from LG. The LG G6 featured in this review is model LGUS997, for the United States. The device received one software update during the review process. It was paired to a Huawei Watch 2 for the review duration, and tested on various networks in Barcelona Spain and T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, USA.


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